• Rather than purchasing multiple policies, your clients only need to purchase one;

    Stock throughput (STP) policies combine transportation and storage risks.

    They can cover

    • raw materials,
    • works in progress and
    • finished goods
  • more about stock throughput policies

  • Stock throughput policies cover risks from the source of production, during manufacture or processing (but excluding damage caused by the manufacturing process), packing, storage including goods held by subcontractors and distribution through to the point that the goods reach their final destination.

  • bespoke policies

  • Seamless cover

    Rather than having several policies with different premiums, deductibles and insurers, STP offers a single, seamless policy which eliminates any gaps in cover, for example the risks of loading and offloading from transport to warehouse.

    Flexible cover

    You control which exposures you would like covered and the basis of valuation required based on your individual circumstances. The result is a bespoke policy tailored to your clients specific needs.

  • saving your client time

  • Reduced administration

    There are no shipment or location reporting requirements, which saves you and your client time. In addition, we can base the premium on a single rate applied to sales turnover.

    Third party stock location

    We can insure stock at third party locations which are held for storage or processing that the non-marine market may not cover.

  • reduced premiums

  • Lower premiums

    Purchasing a single policy rather than having cover over several can reduce premium spending.

    Lower deductible level

    Stock deductibles are generally lower under a STP cover.

    A simpler claims experience

    With one policy rather than several, STP provides a streamlined claims settlement